ABOUT Dj Grimga

Dj Grimga was born December 23rd 1989.  He was born and Boston and Has been in Boston most of his life. He started to make music at the end of 2007. He made one song with Techno and decided to keep going. The first song he made was "Second Halloween". He has been trying to get famous for his time. His influences are Ayumi Hamasaki, Aural Vampire, Dj Sisen, BLOOD, and alot more. Dj Grimga's Style is weird at times its trance or techno or at times its ambient, his play style on stage is like Dj Sisen's. Make at home, Dance on Stage.
Right now he is looking for gigs to play and making new music as you read this, he is also teaming up with people making music.
If you like Dj Grimga's Music, Tell your friends and talk to him (on contacts page).
Dj Grimga

Dj Grimga