Hey people I just uploaded New Youtube Vids :D Search Grimga :D

 So I was in radioshack the other day looking around and I saw this thing called Merkury Innovations DJ Mixer for iPod
and man when I saw this my eyes just glowed its the perfect thing for me to Dj With it had great features like

  • Select from 2 different effects programs and create your own unique sound
  • Use the cross-fade slider to blend 2 music sources while moving from one to another
  • Mix music from source A to source B or create a simultaneous fade-in or out
  • Cue channel lets you monitor the faded source through your headphones
  • SPIN knob simulates the scratch feature on a DJ turntable
  • Record music to a computer through stereo audio cables (software not included)
  • The connector design on the mixer can be moved up and down to fit any generation of iPod
Here are some pics so you can see what I mean
Dj Grimga~


Okay so I added a gallery finally and been working on the site all morning seems yet anyone has commented or has even checked it out >_>.
But always check for updates thanks people


Today I made started this site up, and man am I happy oh and for people that didnt know I am working with other people to create a video game it may not be as good as Cave story but we are giving it a shot. I am making music for the game here is a video and a >>link<< for the game/forum. I am Admin/creator there so drop by and say hi.
Enjoy :)

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Dj Grimga